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01/09/2010 - HIKING: ENGLAND - FRANCE DISTANCE: 55 KMS WATER TEMP: 15 º TIME: 11h 54min Equipped only don a bathing suit, cap and goggles.

Miquel Suñer was completed yesterday\'s dream to cross the Channel, that goal had been thoroughly prepared months. He completed his adventure in a time of 11 hours and 54 minutes and had some scary since last 5 kilometers of marine currents leaving it the very first scheduled arrival and had to tackle head Gris Nez from the south. In the first three hours covered just over 12 kilometers, with no wind it difficult to cross with a water temperature of 15.3 degrees. After five hours, was already half done crossing the sun was shining and it was feared running anywhere. It was a moment he had to take a hot tea for the cold water started to bother him much. The number of strokes at this time fluctuated around 52 per minute. The difficulties appeared when he was seven hours he was in the water because the currents made an appearance. When I was eleven hours I swam and we were missing only 2 kilometers, had faced as to address any Gris Nez from the south. The coast was 2 kilometers, but the wedding was very large. Finally, tack and could face the coast. He did so with force and despite the exhaustion, he succeeded.

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